How do you celebrate a 100th birthday for 100’s of guests?

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  • You plan ahead.
  • You assemble a team of experts.
  • You design a memorable event.
  • You honor the sponsors.
  • You celebrate accomplishments and
  • You immerse the audience in a signature experience.

We staged the 100th Anniversary gala for the Harvard University School of Public Health including audio, video and collaboration on planning the gala (which also launched a new fundraising campaign).

Boston’s own Hopple Popple, Inc. was selected to plan the unique celebration. They created an unforgettable environment through thoughtful planning and uncompromising attention to detail. And when it was over, everyone stood in appreciation.

For much of their 30 year history, Hopple Popple and AVFX have teamed to create these kinds of events.

Congratulations to our valued partners on a job well done.

100th Anniversary Gala Video Projection, Lighting and Sound.

AVFX projected wide-screen video on both walls (150 feet x 9 feet screens) to immerse the audience and enhance the festive mood. Count the candles!


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