Augmented Reality Brings Information To Life For Your Audience

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Steve Halling, President, and CEO of AVFX talks about the innovation we’re seeing in the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology like HoloLens Glasses.  AVFX works with event planners to create events that deliver your message in cool and engaging ways. When something is unexpected, the audience takes notice and connects with your message.

See AR used in a recent trade show exhibit.

Video Transcription Below

Augmented reality has been around for about 8 or 10 years, but lately, it’s been going through some pretty interesting transformations.

Originally, you could take a live-action scene, whether it be shot on video or live like through an iPad, for example, and layer information or data or videos or images that you wanted just the viewer to see at that moment in time. You could do the same thing with a monitor and a computer. Again, you could aim it at that scene with a camera, and you could layer in that information on top of the live scene.

You know, these days a couple of things have happened too. We’re seeing more need for what’s being described as a live augmented reality, which is a projection mapping-type of effect, but in a live scene, whether that be in an office building or on a stage set or wherever they happened to be. And again, the idea is that you can add in a message, a point, a video where you don’t expect it as a viewer, which makes it exciting and cool.

Now the latest piece of technology we’ve been working with is called HoloLens glasses. This is a bit like a virtual reality-type of setup where it’s a pair of glasses that you put on your head. But these are battery-powered so there’s no tether. There’s no connection. You can see through them. It has clear lenses. But then it layers those same types of informational bits and facts right over your eyes so that as you’re looking around a scene, you see that augmented reality information right in front of you.

It’s so very exciting, a very cool way to bring information to life for your audience.

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