Steve Halling

President & CEO

Steve has worked in nearly every aspect of the production world. He has been a producer/director at companies such as Envision, Donna Lawrence Productions, and Sorgel Studios. He later moved into the event staging business as General Manager for AVFX, which was then known as Media 1. In 1992, Steve ventured into the corporate world as an executive producer and Director of Media Services for Lotus Development. When Lotus was acquired by IBM, Steve transitioned into Marketing/Brand Strategy for IBM, and later, as an independent consultant.

Throughout his career, Steve has been focused on understanding precisely what customers want and need from their vendors. At AVFX, Steve is listening to clients and partners to ensure the company has a deep understanding of what is needed and expected of them, in order to always stay at the top of their game.

Steve's Personal Passions

In business, my life centers around tight, precision planning and execution of events. When I take time off to play, however, I like to spend time closer to the edge. In this case, my son and I went hiking where we really had no business going, but we had fun. I have to admit I can be somewhat of an adrenaline junkie.


Some of us have been with AVFX for many years and some have joined the company in the past year. The thing we have in common is a focus on your audience.

We want to understand what they need and what you want them to experience. If you have an important audience, prestigious presenter or mission-critical information to share, please consider letting us help. We're confident that we can help you succeed and reduce your stress along the way.