Sarah Hearn AVFX

Sarah Hearn

Production Manager

Sarah brings many years of audio visual production experience to AVFX. Prior to joining AVFX she was a Systems Integrator at Barbizon Lighting Company where she focused on lighting design and control systems.

Her experience allows her to anticipate the project needs, assembling the right team, and providing the resources needed for their success. With a particular focus on the need of individual employees, Sarah is able to support the team and help create an appropriate technical solution to make their vision a reality.

Sarah has an acute awareness of financial and schedule implications and can work closely with technicians and producers to create the best possible environment within the requirements of their budget and timing.

Sarah found her passion for the technical side of the arts when she joined the Technical Services crew at Castleton University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a Concentration in Technical Theatre and Design.

Sarah's Personal Passion

Sarah Hearn AVFX

My husband, Brendan, and I during our visit to Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.



Some of us have been with AVFX for many years and some have joined the company in the past year. The thing we have in common is a focus on your audience.

We want to understand what they need and what you want them to experience. If you have an important audience, prestigious presenter or mission-critical information to share, please consider letting us help. We're confident that we can help you succeed and reduce your stress along the way.