Rich Keefe AVFX

Rich Keefe

Technical Producer

Since 1998 Rich has been focusing his career on exhibitions and trade shows.

A graduate of Fitchburg State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, he began his dedication to video technology even before graduation as an intern with one of the largest full-service event marketing firms in New England.

His career at AVFX began in 1999 as a technician working with advanced video technology implementation, becoming intimately familiar with major venues across the country. In 2006 his responsibilities changed to concentrate on management of major client tradeshow execution for clients including Philips Healthcare and Medtronic. Since then Rich has continued to manage accounts and help to establish the AVFX VendorPartner Methodology.

He continues to work closely with clients, as well as best-of-breed exhibit builders, designers, production companies and digital media agencies. His greatest strength is his focus on collaborative development and detailed execution of complex designs.

Rich's Personal Passion

Rich Keefe AVFX

Traveling to far corners of the earth (like Iceland) with his camera.

Rich Keefe AVFX

Family time.



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