Murray Lapides


Murray has over 30 years of experience in audiovisual staging. In 1981, he founded Media 1, Inc., now (AVFX) to meet the increasing demand for quality audiovisual and staging services.

Murray is truly an industry luminary respected by his peers. His vision and foresight have led AVFX to be the first-to-market with many technologies that have been widely adopted by the industry. He is active in the industry and gets personally involved in all of the complex, creative and challenging engagements. His quiet style and attention to detail have led to many long-term client relationships.

Murray received his bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Film from Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Murray’s Personal Passions

I’ve never figured out if I was drawn to this business because of the personal opportunities that it affords, or just fortunate to have the opportunities because of the global nature of what we do. Travel, especially to the unique places, has always been a passion. This picture is a perfect example—after a June show in Las Vegas, the timing was perfect for my family to fly out and join me for a trip out to the Grand Canyon. Cause? Or effect?


Some of us have been with AVFX for many years and some have joined the company in the past year. The thing we have in common is a focus on your audience.

We want to understand what they need and what you want them to experience. If you have an important audience, prestigious presenter or mission-critical information to share, please consider letting us help. We're confident that we can help you succeed and reduce your stress along the way.