Transforming a Room – Bare Concrete Floor to Exquisite Cocktail Party in Sixteen Hours

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What do you do when your client has a Leadership Conference and wants to set up a trade show for their managers? We helped them control the audio visual services costs because the trade show was for an internal audience. You’ve probably had similar challenges. We worked with their event planners to transform the basement into a great party with a trade show around the edges.

LocationWDW Dolphin Hotel, Orlando

Our Role: AVFX provided A/V staging services, including sound, lighting, video projection, show automation, technical direction, and exhibitor support. This engagement was another example of the PartnerVendor approach where multiple vendors work in concert with clients to create an outstanding event.

Transforming a Room Orlando-2-sm


  • Sound – A mix of small Meyers and Apogee cabinets.  The room was very lively, so we hung many small cabinets and mini-arrays throughout hall.
  • Projection – A mix of a couple of Christies running brand videos throughout program and (4) pairs of Panasonic 12k’s playing synchronized 32:9 ultra-wide HD screens around room.
  • Lighting – Mostly a green lighting gig with most lights being LED to reduce power consumption and weight on the truss (this is a dead-hang only room – ugh).  Lots of special lights for columns, exhibits and anchor booths.
  • Exhibits – We provided on-site support for about 65 exhibitors in the room, with PC’s, monitors, sound, and internet.

What we liked about this exhibit:

Our client had a vision.  While is can be difficult to interpret someone’s vision, the client was able to communicate what he wanted and trusted us to come up with the HOW.  The photos don’t do this show justice – it proved to be a very cool, sexy event.

Glasses Orlando-5-smWe also liked how the latest MAPP Online Pro software from Meyer Sound helped us to spec audio more precisely than we could have in the past.  With this software, our engineers model the space and then move different types of cabinets around to find the best fit.  For this show, our A1 tried several combinations before landing on the mix of Meyers and Apogee speakers.  The end result was very clear, clean sound in the space.



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