2019 Tape Ball Weigh-In — Guess the Weight

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Whenever AVFX ships event technology to a show, all of our gear goes into rolling cases for protection. We mark each case with a strip of brightly colored tape so each shipment will go onto the correct truck.

AVFX Tapr Ball Weigh-In

Trevor Girard’s name will go on the trophy for 2019.

When the cases return from the event, the colored tape is attached to our mascot the tape ball. Consequently, the tape ball grows each year. Our tape ball is a physical representation of all the events we’ve completed. It’s also our mascot and has a story to tell.

At the end of each year, we have a competition to guess the weight of our mascot. This year Trevor Girard guessed the correct weight (705 lbs). Trevor will have his name placed on the Tape Ball trophy which will sit on his desk until next year.
This year we also included freelancers in the fun and surprisingly two people had the correct weight, Jeff E. from the Atlanta area and Pete S. from Las Vegas, both get bragging rights for one year.
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