Get maximum attention with a 10'x10' trade show booth?

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AVFX Exhibitor 2013 Booth (logo)AVFX installed a 10’x10′ booth at the recent Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas. Exhibiting at the largest show of exhibit builders in the US was an intimidating proposition. We learned a lot and have a few suggestions that can make your trade show experience better:
  • Focus on one thing and do it well. Don’t try to say too much.
  • Remember to 1) attract, 2) entice and 3) engage your audience.
  • Reserving a perimeter booth on a fire isle will give you access to your computers and storage.

We hadn’t attended Exhibitor in a few years and thought it would be great to show some of our new ideas.

  1. AVFX presented a 4×3 seamless wall of 55″ NEC screens playing stock ultra-high-def (UHD) media. High-def (HD) is 2M pixels and we displayed UHD videos at 6M pixels. The wall was a dramatic 12′ high so we made sure to get approvals from the show management in advance.
  2. We displayed our new branding up high to attract.
  3. We had smart glass in front of the wall to entice and make people want to cross the invisible line and enter the booth (see photo on the right).
  4. When a visitor stepped on the pressure pad, the smart glass became opaque to engage. Once the glass frosted you could see an interface projected from below.
  5. The smart glass was framed with a multitouch sensor to make it interactive. Clicking on an icon triggered ultra high-def videos (see photo below).

Visitors became instantly engaged and loved our technology integration story about using off-the-shelf products and combining them in a compelling way for maximum impact.

We also won an award for the most tech crammed into a 10’x10′ booth 😉 

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