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When you, your speakers, and your audience are not able to be in the same location— the solution is a virtual event and AVFX can help.

If you need multiple presenters to be sent to your audience through a single, managed, broadcast feed we know what to do. Plan your meeting as you always have, and then work with AVFX to bring your presenters together into one broadcast for your audience.


  • Social Distance—No two people will need to be in the same room.
  • Broadcast Feel—Produced with precision, media, and designs found in broadcast TV.
  • Familiar Flow—Utilize a traditional session agenda so it feels like a live event.

We bring presenters in through remote meeting software, and then “cut together” in a broadcast feed as you would see on television.  We can also facilitate live panel discussions, 1-on-1 interviews, or creative graphics in the same polished style. We produce this the same way you would expect to see on an image mag screen at a live event, only with presenters speaking from their homes or offices.

Because your event is personally tailored to your organization we need to hear your concerns. We will discuss your goals and prepare a proposal for you. Our technical producers will work with your team to develop an effective, high-quality plan, propose unique ideas, or explore other options designed to meet your objectives.

Let’s Talk About Your Project.

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