See 10 Ways to A/V WOW (#3 Framing the Pictures)

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Meeting, trade show and event A/V providers can be a creative partner without developing the creative.
You can add WOW to your event or exhibit in many different ways and we have a few suggestions.

#3 Framing the PicturesPEM Projection SMALL

This sounds simple (and it is) but it’s impressive to add a 3-D element to photos and video you’re projecting at your event. Hang actual frames on the wall and project into them. Video or still images can be cropped exactly to the shape of the frames. The surrounding wall can have a different background projection with any artwork or messaging you desire.  With the latest projection mapping software, a single projector (properly programmed) can fill several frames with images from different sources.

WOW bookYou may be thinking: “I need to spend a lot of money.” We don’t agree.

See 10 Ways to wow. Now.







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