we sweat the details—every detail—to make your tradeshow the best ever.

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We’re veterans in the ongoing battle for attention. We help you use amazing audio visual (A/V) technology to dazzle your audience—and get your message across. Attract, Entice & Engage and they’ll remember it long after leaving. Create more buzz. Generate more leads.

Call AVFX.

“AVFX is way above and beyond the "wacky” A/V I've been coerced to work with over the years.”
– Charles S., President/Creative Director
“My nervousness was replaced by “Whew!”
– Andy S., Senior Mgr., Corporate 
Creative Services
“AVFX is easy to work with and delivers consistently high-quality shows. Every time.”
– Liz N., Founder & President
“AVFX defuses highly stressful situations with their expertise and professionalism.”
– Anne T., Executive Vice President/Senior Creative Director
“Partnering with AVFX is always a pleasure. Their attention to detail is second to none.”
– Meredith L., Vice President; Global Program Director and Strategist
“Simply put, you’re pros when discussing our needs and working to ensure we're successful.”
– Chuck S., Manager, Event Management, Advanced Media
“I love AVFX's drive for perfection on show sites.”
– Doug Y., Producer
“You’ve become an extension of our project teams and we do great work together.”
– Kyle W., SVP – Sales, Principal
“AVFX has been an integral piece of the puzzle in putting together our programs.”
– Kim F., Sr. Director of Event Marketing
“AVFX has given me a new perspective on the team collaboration.”
– Michelle H., President

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Behind every flawless event or tradeshow you'll find our meticulous attention to detail. Take a closer look here.
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